Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Face of Death

The Face of Death

Somewhere in Delhi.


centrifugal mind said...

I've been a regular visitor of your blog. But, never bothered to comment on any of the pictures. Despite the fact that I liked them very much..

But this one was a real piece of mastery. I was speechless for a moment and before writing this comment, I was wondering what will be the use of these lines. And it was really difficult to choose and use the words. I mean, I was confused - should I praise your photographic skills or requiem for the dead..(please don't take it otherwise)

I would be grateful to know what happened to the body and where exactly was this in Delhi..Please do reply on :
if you have time..

regards and best of luck for future..expecting more masterpieces
-Shakti Dwivedi

ragini said...
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ragini said...

i'v been checking your blog since 1 month and i think i started too late. its a commendable job. i hope that through lens people will open their eyes and will come out from their shell to help others.